Q: How do I determine UTC Differences/Daylight Savings?

This chart will help you to determine the difference in hours for pre-programmed locations. This will also aid you in determining if a locale utilizes Daylight Savings Time.

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City Name

Time Difference from UTC

Daylight Savings Time

UTC Universal Time 0
LON London 0 Yes
PAR Paris +1 Yes
ROM Rome +1 Yes
CAI Cairo +2 Yes
IST Istanbul +2
MOW Moscow +3
KWI Kuwait +3
DXB Dubai +4
KHI Karachi +5
DAC Dacca +6
BKK Bangkok +7
SIN Singapore +8
HKG Hong Kong +8
PEK Peking +8
TO Tokyo +9
SYD Sydney +10 Yes
NOU Noumex +11
AKL Auckland +12 Yes
HNL Honolulu -10
ANC Anchorage -9 Yes
LAX Los Angeles -8 Yes
DEN Denver -7 Yes
CHI Chicago -6 Yes
MEX Mexico City -6
NYC New York -5 Yes
YUL Montreal -5 Yes
CCS Caracas -4
RIO Rio de Janeiro -3 Yes
BUE Buenos Aires -3

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