Q: How do I set the analogue time (hands) on my Skyhawk A-T?

The analogue time (hands) are linked to the radio control (home time) shown on the left digital display. They cannot be set independently.

To change the time zone shown for your radio control(home time) which will in turn update your analog time:

First, be sure that your current time for your current location is set correctly. If this is not done, please refer to your owner’s manual for setting assistance)

  1. Pull the crown out 1 ‘click’ and rotate so that the mode hand is pointing to ‘TME’
  2. Press and release either button until your current time zone is shown in the right digital display
  3. Simultaneously press and release both buttons. This will “switch” the time from the right digital display to the left digital display and vice versa. At the same time, the analogue hands will move to show the new time zone shown in the left digital display.
  4. Push the crown in 1 ‘click’ to the closed position.
Q: Why didn’t my Skyhawk A-T automatically update last night?

There may be days that due to a variety of factors, radio reception on the Skyhawk A-T may not be successful.

Ideal time for signal reception is either very early in the morning or late at night.  This is because there is less signal interruption at these times. It is for this reason that automatic updating takes place between two to four in the morning.

Signal strength can be affected by a variety of factors including weather, geography, weather, surrounding buildings, building material structure and sometimes location in your house. If you are having consistent reception difficulties, try moving the watch near a window with the 9:00 position facing outward.

Q: I normally sleep with my Skyhawk A-T on but it never automatically updates. However, when I take it off it does. Why?

The Skyhawk A-T must maintain a stable (motionless) position to achieve a successful update. As we normally move about in our sleep, the watch is unable to maintain a stable position. Be sure to take your watch off before retiring for the evening.

Q: My Skyhawk A–T is showing the wrong date and the year is 2016. How do I correct this?

The factory has discovered a software anomaly in the calendar programming of the integrated circuit that affects some Skyhawk A–T and other styles utilizing the U600 movement calibre produced in 2007 for watches receiving either the U.S. or Japanese time signals. Customers receiving the German time signals are not affected.  This anomaly inhibits the calendar from displaying the correct date from February 28, 2010 forward. Rest assured no other production series, feature, function, aesthetic portion or other Skyhawk series timepiece is affected.
To be exact, commencing January 1, 2010 the calendar  program  reads the programming for 2016, rather than 2010. The calendar will show correct until March 1 at which time the calendar will show February 29, rather than March 1. This is because 2016 is a leap year, while 2010 is not.
While not all pieces are affected, we cannot readily identify those that are.  As such, we are asking to update all pieces with a U600 movement and a serial number that starts with “7″ not preceded by a ‘dot’ mark.
This is not a user update and the watch must be returned to a service centre for updating. This process will take approximately 2 weeks. If you are located in Canada, please feel free to call our support team at 1-800-461-4189 between the hours of 8:30AM to 5:00PM, Eastern Standard Time, Monday – Friday for further information.

Q: My Skyhawk A–T did not automatically adjust for daylight savings time. What is wrong?

If you have successfully received a radio transmission and the watch did not update, there are two possibilities:
1. The watch had a successful automatic update before the radio frequency itself carried the DST update code. This is the most frequent cause. In this case, the watch will correctly update the next night during automatic reception updating.
2. The watch was not set to automatically update the DST signal for your time zone.
To determine if your watch is set to automatically update the DST time signal:
1. When in the WTS mode, pull the crown out one ‘click’ and change the time zone to your local time zone.
2. Pull the crown out a second ‘click’.
3. If the word OFF appears in the middle of the display, press and release the upper right button to activate the setting. The word OFF will flash.
4. Press and release the lower right button to change to the word SET.
5. Push the crown in one click. Rotate the crown so that the mode hand is pointing to RX-S.
6. Pull the crown out two ‘clicks’. If the letters “AU” flash in the lower portion of the digital display, the watch is set for Automatic reception. You may push the crown in two ‘clicks’. Press the crown in two clicks and go to step 8. If the letters MA flash in the lower portion of the digital display, the watch is set for manual change of DST. Continue to step 7.
7. Press and release the lower right button so that the letters “AU” show in the lower portion of the digital display. Push the crown in two ‘clicks’.
8. Provided a signal is received, the watch will properly update during the next Automatic Update session between 2:00 am and 4:00 am.

Q: Will the Skyhawk A-T automatically change time zones and adjust time accordingly?

As the Skyhawk A-T does not know where you are located (it does not have a GPS system), you must manually adjust the radio control time zone shown on the left digital display (digital display 2). As the analogue time is run from the radio control time, this will update as well.

Q: How do I know if my Skyhawk A-T updated via radio signal?

Normal radio updating on the Skyhawk A-T will adjust the time by a second or fraction thereof. As such, there is no visible cue to see the hands change.

You may however check to see results of the last update attempt. While in the time, calendar or reception set modes, press and release the lower right button. The second/signal strength hand will move to indicate either a high, medium or low signal. It may indicate that no signal was received.

If no signal was received, rest assured your watch is keeping accurate time to specification of 15-20 seconds per month (note: many users find the Skyhawk A-T keeps time to 1 to 5 seconds per month, even without radio signal updating)

Q: Will my Skyhawk A-T work if I live in area that doesn’t receive a radio signal?

Radio signal updating is not essential for proper operation of the Skyhawk A-T. Rest assured your watch is keeping accurate time to specification of 15-20 seconds per month (note: many users find the Skyhawk series watches keep time to 1 to 5 seconds per month, even without radio signal updating.)

Q: Does the Skyhawk A-T have 1/2 hour time zone settings?

Yes, you can create a custom time zone with the Skyhawk A-T that is adjustable in 15 minute increments. Do be aware these locations may not have a radio signal available for automatic or on-demand updating. Rest assured that even without radio signal updating, the watch will operate within factory specs of 15 to 20 seconds per month accuracy.

Q: How do I get the radio control and analogue time to show my time zone?

To change the radio control time shown in the left digital display to your time zone:

  1. Pull the crown out one click. If the mode indicator hand (6:00 position) is not pointing to TME (time), turn the crown until the mode hands points to TME.
  2. With the crown out one ‘click’ , press and release either the top right or lower right button until your local time zone in the right digital display. If the time shown for your area is off by an hour, you will need to activate or deactivate daylight savings time by following the instructions in step 3, otherwise skip to step 4.
  3. To activate daylight savings time,  pull the crown out one additional ‘click’ to the time setting position. Press and release the lower right button to activate (indicated by ‘ON’) or deactivate (indicated by ‘OF’). Push the crown in one ‘click’.
  4. With the crown out one ‘click’ (mode hand pointing to TME and your time zone showing in the right digital display), simultaneously press and release both buttons. You should hear a ‘”beep”.  The left digital display (radio control time) and the analogue time should now reflect your local time while the right digital display will show the time previously shown in the left digital display.
  5. Push the crown in one ‘click’ to the closed position next to the case.

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