Q: How do I stop the chiming on my Minute Repeater?

After activating the Minute Repeater function by pressing and holding the upper right button until the first tone is heard, simply press and release the upper right button again to stop the chiming.

Q: The date/mode hand on my Minute Repeater is turning counterclockwise. How do I stop it?

This indicates that the all reset procedure was started but not completed. Be sure to complete each step of the all reset procedure as outlined in your instruction manual. Additionally, after completing the all reset procedure, be sure to immediately set the “master time”. Otherwise, the watch may not operate as anticipated.

Q: What is the purpose of a Minute Repeater?

The Minute Repeater enables an auditory method of determining the time. Each hour, quarter hour and minute has specific tones. By counting those tones and the different tone pattern, you can determine the current time set on the watch.

Q: Is there a sapphire crystal available for my Minute Repeater?

A sapphire crystal is not available for the Minute Repeater. It features an anti-reflective mineral glass crystal. The anti-reflective treatment is on the inside of the crystal so it cannot be worn off from daily wear.

Q: How do I determine AM or PM time on my Minute Repeater (movement type G900)?

The Minute Repeater features a special hand located at approximately the 5:00 position that moves in conjunction with the Master Time hour and minute hands.

When the hand is in the orange area, the watch is indicating AM time. When the hand is in the black area, the watch is indicting PM time.

Q: What is the difference between Main Time and Master Time on my Minute Repeater (Cal G900)?

All functions of the Minute Repeater operate off the “Master Time”.

Master Time: The Master Time is the time that drives all features of the watch: Minute Repeater, Home Alarm, Local Time, Local Alarm and Perpetual Calendar.

Main Time: The instruction booklet refers to the conventional hour and minute hands as the “Main Time”. Do be aware that the conventional or “main” time” as no affect on the features of the watch. We highly recommend you set the conventional (main) time to match that of the Master Time.

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